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Loser (2000) บรรยายไทย

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ดูหนังออนไลน์ Loser (2000) บรรยายไทย
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Is there room in Manhattan for a decent kid? Can a young woman see past a cad to true love? Paul, from rural upstate, comes to New York City for college. To keep his scholarship, he must study hard and do well. That makes him a loser to his partying roommates who connive to kick him out of their suite. He’s assigned a room in an animal hospital. In class he meets Dora, a pretty coed who needs a job to pay for school, and who’s the very young lover of their sarcastic and selfish lit professor. When Dora is slipped some drugs at a party, Paul nurses her back to health, and a friendship follows. For Paul, though, it’s more than friendly feelings. Can they work things out for them to become a truly lucky couple?บรรยายไทย (ดูแล้ว)



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