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Amos & Andrew ไล่ล่าอลเวง (1993) บรรยายไทย

ตัวอย่างหนัง Amos & Andrew ไล่ล่าอลเวง (1993) บรรยายไทย

ดูหนังออนไลน์ Amos & Andrew ไล่ล่าอลเวง (1993) บรรยายไทย
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เสียง : ไทย

Amos & Andrew ไล่ล่าอลเวง (1993) บรรยายไทย on IMDb HD

When Andrew Sterling, a successful black urbanite writer buys a vacation house on a resort in New England the police mistake him for a burglar. After surrounding his house with armed men, Chief Tolliver realizes his mistake, and to avoid the bad publicity offers Amos Odell, a thief in his jail, a deal. Amos is to pretend to take Andrew prisoner and hold him for ransom, but let him go and escape. Amos and Andrew suddenly realize that the Chief’s problems are all gone if the two of them both die in a gun battle. The worst partnership in film history then tries to get away from the local police.บรรยายไทย



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